Instructional/Information Technology at CUNY:
Good Moves in Hard Times

Public universities are in a longstanding bind that demands growth in programs and enrollments, high student achievement, and efficient use of limited funding. As CUNY heeds the call to serve more students, especially via online, hybrid, and flipped instruction, we have an opportunity to grow in ways that place student needs at the center of our digital work. The City University of New York’s 15th Annual IT Conference will examine the robust and innovative work that has made CUNY a leader in instructional technology, and consider ways we can share best practices for smart growth in any budget climate.

As has been the case since its inception, the conference will be held at John Jay College, offering overviews of the University’s key IT initiatives, discussions of how technology can support and advance teaching, scholarship, and administration, and a chance to meet with vendors. As always, proposals for presentations are invited from the CUNY community, particularly on how we can foster success.

1. How do we judge success of instructional technology, hybrid and fully online programs? What are the best assessment metrics and methods?

2. How can we enhance student experiences and outcomes by sharing IT best practices across departments, programs, campuses, and between faculty and administration?

3. What are our opportunities to expand success in times of fiscal austerity? What are cost-effective ways to improve teaching and student outcomes? What are the right ways for CUNY to grow, given the current budget environment?
Proposals are invited for panels or presentations but also roundtables, workshops, and other interactions. Specifying format as well as focus, each proposal should include a title, an abstract of no more than 200 words, and the name and affiliation of each party to the proposal. (Proposals are welcome from individuals but are particularly welcome from groups that have found ways of arranging multiple perspectives on a subject.)

General Registration for the conference is open. Please click here to register